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Annexure Expenses statement

Expense statements provide a way for employees to itemize expenses when requesting reimbursement from an employer.

Annexure leave application form

The employee completes the Leave Request form indicating the type of leave to be taken (e.g., vacation, sick, duty, Family and Medical Leave Act, leave without pay), the dates of the leave and the total hours to be taken from the designated leave category.

Annexure materials or service requisition form

A material requisition form lists the items to be picked from inventory and used in the production process or in the provision of a service to a customer, usually for a specific job.

Annexure Expenses Approval

The Expense Approval Process in an organization should be very quick, automated, streamlined and easy to understand. 

 Any kind of chaotic behavior in expense workflow can cause lots of ripples in your business process because when expenses are not approved in time by the managers, team leaders or finance team, it tends to delay the work of multiple teams.

Annexure Travel Requisition official form

A travel requisition is a source document that lists the expenses that will be incurred for the purpose of travel.

A travel requisition is submitted for review and can then be used to authorize expenses.

Annexure Travel Requisition

A travel requisition is a source document that documents expenses that will be incurred for the purpose of travel.

Annexure Asset Disposal

Asset disposal is the removal of a long-term asset from the company’s accounting records.

It is an important concept because it primarily relates to the company’s capital assets that are essential to successful business operations.

Annexure Declaration

A declaration is an official announcement or statement.

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Occupational / Workplace health and safety policy

Our Occupational / Workplace Health and Safety Policy help us preserve the best possible work conditions for our employees. Every employee has a right to feel safe at work. Our company is committed to follow legal standards and create a hazard-free workplace.

Our Occupational / Workplace Health and Safety Policy help us preserve the best possible work conditions for our employees.

Leave Policy

People are the most valuable asset of an organization. Lack of proper leave management can lead to unauthorized absence of employees from duty, lower productivity, fall in productivity hours, missing of important targets and so on.

The objective of the Leave Policy is to give provision to the employees to balance their personal as well as professional life.

IT admin process flow

System administrators are normally tasked with the installation, maintenance, configuration and repair for servers, networks and other computer systems.

They dabble in both hardware and software – learning a little bit of programming and scripting to execute tasks and actions across their applications and infrastructure.

In the world of DevOps, software developers are becoming more like SysAdmins and SysAdmins are becoming more like developers – leading to better collaboration and tighter feedback loops across all teams.

Employee temporary layoff policy

Our Temporary Layoff policy outlines our rules for temporarily suspending our employees. We recognize that layoffs (especially on a large scale) affect morale and job satisfaction. For this reason, we see layoffs as a last resort during hard times.

This policy applies to all our permanent full-time or part-time employees.

Equal opportunity employer policy

Our equal opportunity employer policy reflects our commitment to ensure equality and promote diversity in the workplace.

This equal employment opportunity policy is the pillar of a healthy and productive workplace. Everyone should feel supported and valued to work productively so we are invested in treating everyone with respect and consideration.

Internal job posting policy

Our internal job posting policy outlines our instructions for posting and communicating vacancies internally before doing so externally.

We are committed to investing in our employees and helping them advance their careers within our company whenever possible.

Employee social media policy

A social media policy is a crucial tool for any organization that uses social media.

A good social media policy is a living document that provides guidelines for your organization’s social media use. It covers your brand’s official channels, as well as how employees use social media, both personally and professionally.

Employee Smoking policy

Our employee smoking policy outlines our rules regarding smoking in the workplace. This policy aims to protect non-smokers without unreasonably depriving smokers from their right to smoke.

This policy applies to all employees of our company as well as to visitors, contractors and temporary staff.

Employee remote work policy

Our Employee remote work policy outlines our guidelines for employees who work from a location other than our offices. We want to ensure that both employees and our company will benefit from these arrangements.

This policy applies to employees whose primary work location is not at our offices.

Employee relationship workplace policy

We don’t want to place undue restrictions on employees dating each other, as everyone should be free to choose their partners. But, we want to make sure that relationships won’t cause awkwardness or problems in our workplace.

This policy applies to all our employees regardless of gender, sexual orientation or other protected characteristics.

Our workplace dating policy provides guidelines our employees should follow when they’re romantically or sexually involved with a colleague. We also set some standards for acceptable behavior when flirting with colleagues.

Employee referral programme policy

The employee referral program is a program where new employees are hired based on referrals by a candidate from the organization.

Employee Referral Program gives our company the opportunity to hire quality candidates through referrals from our own employee's.

Employee Internet usage policy

Our employee internet usage policy outlines our guidelines for using our company’s internet connection, network and equipment.

 We want to avoid inappropriate or illegal internet use that creates risks for our company’s legality and reputation.

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