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Warning notice for general behavior Issues

An employee behavior warning letter is a document that an employer issues to notify an employee that they violated company policy. The purpose of a warning letter is to inform the employee of their unacceptable conduct, poor performance, or behavior, and also the consequences of their actions. A written notice is given to an employee if they continue to violate company policies even after receiving a verbal warning in order to protect the company against future disputes.

Rejecting overqualified candidates email template

Use this rejection email template to turn down candidates who are overqualified for a position. Instead of sending a generic email, add a personal touch. This way, you’ll leave a good impression and make it easier to reach out to them again in the future if a more suitable job opening comes up.

Interview feedback to candidates email template

Use this interview feedback to candidates email template as part of your communication with applicants who interviewed at your company.

Email to successful candidate after interview

Seamless communication with candidates is essential for a positive candidate experience. This includes keeping candidates posted on the status of their application all through your hiring process.

Job opportunity email template

This is a sourcing email template to use when communicating about a new job opportunity with a previously rejected candidate. You can also customize it when recruiting candidates who rejected your job offer in the past.

Offer Letter Sample

This is the letter that our HR team sends to our new team members. Want to see other options? Check out our formal offer letter format and our informal offer letter.

Job application rejection email template

Use this job application rejection email template to inform candidates who’ve applied for one of your open roles that they will not advance to the next stage of your hiring process.

Passive candidate email template

This is a cold email template you can use when sourcing passive candidates for an open position or trying to hire for hard-to-fill roles in your company. Use this template to compose informative and appealing emails that will save you time and are more likely to get a positive response. You can easily customize this passive candidate email template to keep a more formal or informal tone, aligned with your company culture.

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Instructional Designer Job description

Instructional Designer is an education professional whose job is to identify the performance, skills, knowledge, information and attitude gaps of a targeted audience and create, select and/or suggest learning experiences to fill this gap.

The goal is to facilitate learners in acquiring knowledge, skills and competencies in an effective and appealing manner.

Illustrator Job Description

illustrators are creative with excellent artistic skills. illustrators have to be keen net workers to build up a number of contacts and have good business skills. Communication skills are important; you need to be able to discuss what is needed with clients. Being able to work to a brief is equally essential. You also need to be able to work within an agreed time frame and meet deadlines.

Human resources

HR manager is the go-to person for all employee-related issues.Promoting corporate values and shaping a positive culture is a vital aspect of a complete HR manager job description and specification.

The job of HR manager is important to business success.

Human Resource (HR)

Human resources is used to describe both the people who work for a company or organization and the department responsible for managing resources related to employees.

A good human resources employee develops and manages their company's culture. They recruit new hires, maintain benefits and payroll, mediate conflict and engage in training and development. Their role is at the core of a company's success.

HR Business Partner Job Description

HR Business Partners are tasked with streamlining HR functions, reporting on HR metrics, enhancing workforce retention, predicting staffing needs, managing termination processes, managing risk, ensuring staff wellness, and ensuring compliance regulations.

Consulting with line management and provide daily HR guidance Analyzing trends and metrics with the HR department Resolving complex employee relations issues and address grievances

Hiring Specialist Job description

Hiring Specialist responsibilities include developing short-term and long-term hiring plans, advertising our open positions and sourcing candidates both online and offline.

Overseeing all hiring stages from sourcing to on-boarding Advertising open roles on various channels including job boards, professional social networks and our careers page Coordinating our internal hiring process

Head of Operations Job Description

Head of Operations responsibilities include designing policies, overseeing customer service and implementing technology solutions.

Head of Operations to oversee daily activities across functions such as finance, IT and regulatory compliance.

Collaborating with other senior management to formulate strategy Ensuring regulatory compliance Overseeing implementation of IT systems

Head of HR Operations Job Description

HR Operations Manager responsibilities include reviewing and approving budgets, implementing new company policies and maintaining internal HR systems.

HR initiatives are cost-effective, run smoothly and contribute to a healthy work environment.

Setting objectives for the HR team and tracking progress Monitoring internal HR systems and databases Reviewing and approving or modifying budgets

Head Of Finance Job Description

Head of Finance responsibilities include creating forecasting models, assessing risk in investments and ensuring all accounting activities comply with regulations.

Forecasting monthly, quarterly and annual results Approving or rejecting budgets Conducting risk management

Hair stylist Job Description

Hair Stylists are beauty service professionals who specialize in the fashioning and treatment of hair. Hair Stylist responsibilities include cleaning and cutting hair, offering hair care and hair styling consultations and recommending hair styling products, among other duties.

Guest Relation Officer Job description

A Guest Relation Officer, also known as a Guest Relation Coordinator or Guest Relation Specialist, is a customer service-oriented employee who essentially greets hotel guests. From escorting guests to rooms to assisting in arranging reservations,

Guest Relation Officers ensure a pleasant and satisfying stay at a hotel. They also handle guest complaints, assist with the check-in process and explain all facility amenities, such as pool areas and restaurants.

Graphic Designer Job description

The graphic designer job description includes the entire process of defining requirements, visualizing and creating graphics including illustrations, logos, layouts and photos.

The goal is to inspire and attract the target audience.

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