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Warning notice for general behavior Issues

An employee behavior warning letter is a document that an employer issues to notify an employee that they violated company policy. The purpose of a warning letter is to inform the employee of their unacceptable conduct, poor performance, or behavior, and also the consequences of their actions. A written notice is given to an employee if they continue to violate company policies even after receiving a verbal warning in order to protect the company against future disputes.

Rejecting overqualified candidates email template

Use this rejection email template to turn down candidates who are overqualified for a position. Instead of sending a generic email, add a personal touch. This way, you’ll leave a good impression and make it easier to reach out to them again in the future if a more suitable job opening comes up.

Interview feedback to candidates email template

Use this interview feedback to candidates email template as part of your communication with applicants who interviewed at your company.

Email to successful candidate after interview

Seamless communication with candidates is essential for a positive candidate experience. This includes keeping candidates posted on the status of their application all through your hiring process.

Job application rejection email template

Use this job application rejection email template to inform candidates who’ve applied for one of your open roles that they will not advance to the next stage of your hiring process.

Offer Letter Sample

This is the letter that our HR team sends to our new team members. Want to see other options? Check out our formal offer letter format and our informal offer letter.

Job opportunity email template

This is a sourcing email template to use when communicating about a new job opportunity with a previously rejected candidate. You can also customize it when recruiting candidates who rejected your job offer in the past.

Passive candidate email template

This is a cold email template you can use when sourcing passive candidates for an open position or trying to hire for hard-to-fill roles in your company. Use this template to compose informative and appealing emails that will save you time and are more likely to get a positive response. You can easily customize this passive candidate email template to keep a more formal or informal tone, aligned with your company culture.

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New Arrivals

Employee of the month policy

Employees who feel overworked, underpaid and underappreciated would most likely start looking for better opportunities, leaving you lacking in manpower, which may affect the productivity of your company.

So an effortless program which would enhance the retention rate of your employees, which comes with an incentive which is easy to make would be very beneficial for your company.


KRA, or Key Responsibility Areas, are based on the job description of a person and are used when assigning tasks that they are expected to perform.

Employees are solely responsible for the specific KRAs assigned to them. KRAs are a larger goal.

Performance Review

Our employee performance review policy describes how we coach, evaluate and reward employees. We base our performance management systems on constructive feedback and open communication between managers and team members.

Work from Home policy

We designed our work from home policy to make sure that working from home is beneficial to our employees and company.

This company work from home policy applies to all our employees who prefer working from home.

Employees are allowed to work from home only if their job duties permit it.

Violence at workplace policy

Our workplace violence policy aims to acquaint employees with what we consider workplace violence and ask them to report early signs or threats. We want to provide our employees with a safe workplace where mutual respect is a given. We ask everyone to be professional and ethical at work.

This policy applies equally to all employees, contractors, public visitors, clients and anyone else whom employees come into contact with during work.

Travel policy

Our company travel policy outlines our provisions for company-related travel. We’ll explain which expenses we’ll reimburse and how. We’ll also give instructions to our employees to track their expenses correctly when traveling.

This policy applies to all our employees. In this policy, we refer to ‘travel’ meaning a business trip to a different city than the one you’re in. We’re also counting any car, train or bus trip that lasts longer than an hour.

Training For sexual Harassment Policy

Every employer should have a written policy specifically prohibiting sexual harassment. The policy should be included in the employee handbook, distributed to all new employees, posted, redistributed on a regular basis, and communicated to employees often.

There are several steps an employer should take to emphasize to employees that sexual harassment will not be tolerated in the workplace. An employer's managers and supervisors play an important role in implementing each of these steps. One of the most important things an employer can do is to adopt an effective sexual harassment policy, including a procedure for employees to raise complaints about harassment.

The whilst bowler policy

A whistle-blower is a worker who passes on information about a company’s wrongdoing to the company, or ultimately a third party. The act of passing that information is known as “blowing the whistle” or “making a disclosure.”

Whistle blowing occurs when an employee or worker provides certain types of information, usually to the employer or a regulator, which has come to their attention through work.

Whistle-blowing is therefore ‘making a disclosure in the public interest’ and occurs when a worker raises a concern about danger or illegality that affects others.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Our sexual harassment policy aims to protect men and women in our company from unwanted sexual advances and give them guidelines to report incidents. We will also explain how we handle claims, punish sexual harassment and help victims recover.

We won’t tolerate sexual harassment in our workplace in any shape or form. Our culture is based on mutual respect and collaboration. Sexual harassment is a serious violation of those principles.

Separation Policy

Our Separation of Employment policy refers to the event that an employee ceases to be part of the company’s workforce. It is beneficial for all parties that the employment separation process is as clear as possible so misunderstandings and distrust between the employee and the company can be avoided.

This termination/separation of employment policy applies to all prospective or current employees of the company in regards to possible separation of employment.

Open door company policy

Our open door policy in business reflects our commitment to transparent and flexible communication between managers and team members.

it’s simply the management practice of leaving your proverbial door open to all employees. This enhances communication across levels of the organization.

Pets workplace company policy

Our pets in the workplace policy outlines our rules for bringing, caring for and supervising pets in our company’s offices.

We believe that pets can foster a friendlier and happier workplace. They’re fun, playful and can have positive influence on our work. We’ll allow our employees to have their pets at work when they wish. However, we want to make sure that animals won’t disrupt our operations, damage properties or cause medical issues to other employees. We expect everyone to read and respect this policy. Scope

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